My lost identity

My lost identity




Maan Came back to Mumbai after 5 years. Oh some much had changed since that time. He couldn’ t wait to meet his fiance. His Geet after 5 years. He was ready to tell her how much he loved her. Gosh he was feeling excited like a kid. He looked around when he bumped into a girl.


G:Sorry Hottie


M:Excuse what did you


His words got stuck in his troath when he looked up to find Geet standing. His happeniss knew no bounds whitout thinking he hugged her tight.Geet dazed backwards.She was shocked at first, but the she tried to free herself.

G:Maan calm down
He let her go. He looked at her. Wait a minute What the hell was she wearing. She was wearing a short white dress till her knees.
M:Geet what are you wearing it’ s totally diff from what you used to wear
G:Haina Maan I changed my style. I look sexy na
G:Haan Mr.Khurana you have become even more hotter over the years
M:Thanks I guess But Geet
Before he could finish Geet’ s phone rang
G:One min Maan
She picked up.
G:Hi hun. Haan I know darling, I will see you at night. Bye
M:geet with whom where you talking
G:Yash why
M:A guy
G:No he is a girl
M:Oh Thank God
Geet gave him a weird look
G:Maan don’ t you even understand sarcasm of course he is a guy. Gosh you to much
M:Geet you have changed a lot
G:Haan I know. I have changed for the better. That reminds me where Sam
M:She went straight to her place from the airport but Geet how can you talk to a guy like that you know na we are engaged
G:So Maan when am I saying I want to marry Yash uff your to much. Why didn’ t you go to home. What are you doing here at the mall.
M:I wanted to buy a teddy for someone special
Geet’ s phone buzzed while messaging her friends she replied to Maan.
G:For whom I mean everyone has grown up so teddy
M:There is someone who might be a grown up girl but is a kid at heart
M:You know her
G:OMG don’ t tell me Sam gosh how tacky
M:What no I was talking about you
Geet laughed.
G:Please Maan gosh I am not a two year old that I will like teddy’s come let’ s go home
She walked towards the car.
G:Maan are you coming
M:Huh yeah let’s go
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Part 1 DR

Part 1

Dadi walked into Maan’s study. She saw her 37 year old grandson working as always. What will happen to him she thought.

D:Maan I need to talk to you
M:Yes Dadi
D:Mr. Mehra came today you now his daughter Tina
M:Dadi please don’t start
D:Maan you 36 don’t think you should have children and a wife. I want grandchildren.
M:Dadi I am already married
D:Maan geet ko mare hoewe 16 years hoge hai. isn’t it time you move on
M:Dadi she is she will and always will stay my wife. She is still zinda in this heart which only beats for her dadi.

Dadi walked out of the study it is and always will stay useless to talk to maan about marriage. Maan opened the drawer he took geet’s picture out of it. Misty I love you so much but you hate your maan na, he has hurt you a lot haina. He kissed her picture and thought about the past.

Maan was 20 he walked in to his  sisters college. He saw meera standing that must be her group of friends he thought. He looked at geet there she is he thought. He walked towards them.

M:Hi I am annie’s brother maan
G:Hi how is annie We haven’t heard anything from her for a while is she okay.
M:Don’t worry about her she went to Germany to study.
G:What and she didn’tell us
M:Well you should ask her that but I am searching the principle’s office I reconized meera so I figured out you guys must be here friends so could you guys tell me principal ka office kaha hai.
G:Friends my foot that’s why she left without telling anyway go left and you will see it
M:Thx btw what’s your name
G:Geet handa
M:nice to meet you geet handa

Maan walked into the cafeteria. He saw a girl who had seen before with geet. Maan walked over to her. He introduced himself as Annie’s brother and asked geet adress  without thinking pinky gave him the adress. Bingo maan thought.

The next day dadi went to her house with maan’s rishta for geet. Geet’s parents agreed she came from a very conserfitive family where it is normal for girls to marry on ther 18 so they where very happy when maan came they also knew Khurana was one of the most respective family’s. maan and geet got married within no time.

Geet woke up she looked next to her she saw no Maan she stood up and went to the kitchen, to see maan making breakfast. geet and maan lived alone in the outhouse. geet walked over to maan.

G:Maan yeh aap kya kareihain. I should do it.
M:Nahi geet I want to make breakfast for my Misty

Geet blushed.

M:hai you look so cute while blushing.

Geet hugged maan and hid her face in his chest.

M:I love you geet

Geet didn’t react

M:Won’t you answer me back

geet blushed maan smiled and wanted to feed her breakfast but she stopped him. Maan gave her a confusing look.

G:no maan I can’t eat before you have eaten.
M:pagli why not
G:wo mom says your not allowed before a man eats
M:what rubbish come on open your mouth

Maan made geet eat her happiness knew no boundary.Three monts long he didn’t let her do chores and took care of her. he treated her like royalty but every time she would ask him about annie and why she wasn’t at the wedding he would silence by keep a finger on her lips and say shhh will talk about her another time. Geet has just confessed yesterday that she was head over heals over maan. He smiled like a devil and left. She was sure he was planning a surprise for her. Geet smiled.

               End of flashback
maan closed his eyes he hated what happened the next day he refused to think about it today. he kept working until his eyes closed. but after a hour he would wake up her hazel eyes would follow him.

In  HP there was a huge mansoin Geet shighania lived here. With her two 16 year old beautifull daughters. Ruchi and  Nisha. Ruchi and Nisha where twins but you wouldn’t say that. while ruchi  was well behaved and a true angel at heart. Nisha was a true prankster and had a strong personalty

G:Nisha come her now
N:yes mom
G:did you put salt in rani aunty thea
N:Nahi toh
n; haan mom bole
g; so no you have even started lying to you mother
n; sorry mommy
G;go and apoligize
n; yes mom

nisha walked to rani aunty.
n; sorry
r; shaitan it’s okay.

at night ruchi was looking at maan ‘s picture.

R; I  wish papa zinda hote
n; me hoon na
r; so your now my papa
n; yes why not if you want I  can grow a moustace if that helps

geet had tears seeing this sight in front of her. the girls giggled, they hadn’t notice geet. they cuddled up and fell a sleep.

Precap: more past and Nisha seeing maan poor maan [LOL]

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Coming soon: Dirty Revenge


Geet’s world crumbled.
Rang in her mind.
“All this for revenge” her heart cried. She was in her bed. Maan was nowhere to be seen. Geet had shouted at him; they were married for almost 1 year and all Maan was doing was for REVENGE…and the doctor just said she was expecting!
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Hey Maneet-ers,

Soon enough I will post all mine Maneet stories, here!!!

So stick around,


Mel 🙂

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