My lost identity

My lost identity




Maan Came back to Mumbai after 5 years. Oh some much had changed since that time. He couldn’ t wait to meet his fiance. His Geet after 5 years. He was ready to tell her how much he loved her. Gosh he was feeling excited like a kid. He looked around when he bumped into a girl.


G:Sorry Hottie


M:Excuse what did you


His words got stuck in his troath when he looked up to find Geet standing. His happeniss knew no bounds whitout thinking he hugged her tight.Geet dazed backwards.She was shocked at first, but the she tried to free herself.

G:Maan calm down
He let her go. He looked at her. Wait a minute What the hell was she wearing. She was wearing a short white dress till her knees.
M:Geet what are you wearing it’ s totally diff from what you used to wear
G:Haina Maan I changed my style. I look sexy na
G:Haan Mr.Khurana you have become even more hotter over the years
M:Thanks I guess But Geet
Before he could finish Geet’ s phone rang
G:One min Maan
She picked up.
G:Hi hun. Haan I know darling, I will see you at night. Bye
M:geet with whom where you talking
G:Yash why
M:A guy
G:No he is a girl
M:Oh Thank God
Geet gave him a weird look
G:Maan don’ t you even understand sarcasm of course he is a guy. Gosh you to much
M:Geet you have changed a lot
G:Haan I know. I have changed for the better. That reminds me where Sam
M:She went straight to her place from the airport but Geet how can you talk to a guy like that you know na we are engaged
G:So Maan when am I saying I want to marry Yash uff your to much. Why didn’ t you go to home. What are you doing here at the mall.
M:I wanted to buy a teddy for someone special
Geet’ s phone buzzed while messaging her friends she replied to Maan.
G:For whom I mean everyone has grown up so teddy
M:There is someone who might be a grown up girl but is a kid at heart
M:You know her
G:OMG don’ t tell me Sam gosh how tacky
M:What no I was talking about you
Geet laughed.
G:Please Maan gosh I am not a two year old that I will like teddy’s come let’ s go home
She walked towards the car.
G:Maan are you coming
M:Huh yeah let’s go
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